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About Us

    We are a family owned and operated business located in southeastern Pennsylvania, near Valley Forge. With close to 60 years of experience in the industry we pride ourselves on exceptional quality and service.

    Whether you are looking for a return address stamp or a check endorsement stamp the Ultimark Line will give you the clearest impression. You can also achieve a good impression with the Printy Line. Both styles are brought to you by Trodat, a Globally recognized brand. We also offer a variety of Signature StampsDate Stamps, and Notary Stamps. Are you looking for that traditional stamp look? Check out our Rubber Hand Stamps.  We also offer replacement pads and ink for your stamps so you can continue to use our products for years to come.

    Some Unique items we offer are the 4911 Clothing Stamp and the Mobile Printy. The clothing stamp will keep your clothing in your possesion and assure your childs clothes make it home from camp. The impression will not wash out. The Mobile Printy easily fits in your pocket and is very easy to use. We also offer round Monogram Stamps for Scrapbooking